Message from Fight For The Future

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai plans to release his proposal to kill net neutrality the day before Thanksgiving—November 22—and now only Congress can stop him. The good news is that we’re hearing that a number of key lawmakers are strongly considering taking action to slow the FCC down. The only thing that’s holding them back, they... Continue Reading →

Help Us Get Aaron’s Law Passed

Aaron’s Law 2017 would: (1) Establish that breaches of terms of service, employment agreements, or contracts are not automatic violations of the CFAA. (2) Bring balance back to the CFAA by eliminating a redundant provision that enables an individual to be punished multiple times through duplicate charges for the same violation. (3) Eliminate the redundant... Continue Reading →

We’re back on track!

So we have had lots of drama lately and the motive behind it is still unclear. What IS CLEAR is that personal attacks have no place on this page, this account is to promote Aaron's Law and that is what it will be used for. Anyone sporting the hashtag of the sec involved with attacking... Continue Reading →

Aaron’s Law Marches Postponed

Recently our core group has decided to postpone the marches for Aaron's Law and the reform of the computer fraud and abuse act that were scheduled for September. Though the recent arrest of Marcus Hutchins and ongoing extradition fight of Lauri Love has clearly shown that the CFAA still must be fought, it must be... Continue Reading →

What will your Legacy be?

Today I see many heroes fighting for internet freedom. Many people who want to stop the travesties that are happening to the web who do not wish to sit idly by and watch what has been built to help our lives, be torn down and replaced with an inferior version of itself by corporations and... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening Now?

Hello everyone! Things here have been very busy for us and many things are happening to help raise awareness for Aaron's Law. In roughly the last two months we have been invited to join The People's Radio and My Non Objective opinion, Anon UK Radio and The View Up Here Global to help spread the... Continue Reading →

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