Carmen Le’Ortiz – Super Villain

This art donated to help support #AaronsLaw2017 and #CFAAReform by STuART Johns depicts a super Villain named … umm .. Carmen Le’Ortiz. Le’Ortiz is a nasty character! She is pictured stomping out the “Hope of humanity” and is rumored to viciously target Young gifted minds who seek to rid the world of  tyrannical rules and snatch our planet back from the grip of Le’Ortiz and her fumbling group of evil corporate sponsored villains. Le’Ortiz uses her main weapon named The CFAA against the masses obliterating any hopes they hold to for the future of humanity and squashing their peaceful protests, the only hope they have against Le’Ortiz is to give in and do what she and her co-villains ordered: Sit down, Shut Up and take it.

Currently this story is a work in progress. Will Carmen Le’Ortiz and her corporate sponsor Le’Oracle conquer the world and all peace seekers within? Will the masses rise up to destroy her beloved evil weapon of choice The CFAA? Will Carmen Le’Ortiz be bitten by a radio active spider and finally see her evil ways?

I wonder what Aaron Swartz would say? Maybe, “It’s up to you”

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