Protests, Marches and Rallies   #WWAD ? 

Aaron Swartz lived a life of protest. He protested injustices in the world and despite the horrendous charges he faced under the CFAA at the hand of federal prosecutors his protests were nonviolent and nondestructive.  Rallies, protests and marches are being planned to support CFAA reform and Aaron’s Law, this is a great way to gain awareness for the cause and to show our concern to D.C. About the CFAA in its current vague and over reaching form. We ask that all events being held for this cause, in honor of Aaron and his peaceful ways include no violence or vandalism. Carmen Ortiz made comments concerning Aaron Swartz after his arrest that implied his way of protest was no better than someone who violently stole property, we all know that is ridiculous – Aaron will not be remembered as a violent attacker or thief, he will be remembered as a hero. We ask that everyone please try to come  out and show support for the cause and contact your representatives in congress – the best way to honor Aaron’s memory and the sacrifices he made is by following the example he gave us so before reacting harshly ask yourself what would Aaron do…  Thank you – together we can make this happen  

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