All hands on deck for #AaronsLaw2017

Recently things have been going very well for #AaronsLaw2017. We have been raising awareness and gaining lots of support.

I have been informed that we have Marches being planned in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Portland and Sydney! This is wonderful! What amazing understanding of the cause this will bring! The Date and times are yet to be released and we still expect many more cities to be added to the event. For now, what we need to do is KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT! Raise awareness, make your stance on Aaron’s Law and CFAA reform WELL known to your representatives in Congress, tell your friends, post to your followers, Blog, write, draw, Yodel …utilize YOUR abilities to further this amazing cause. We ALL have talents to bring to the table, all of us! We have no excuse to sit back and continue letting our friends and family be targeted and prosecuted, enough lives have been ruined and harmed by this- it’s time we stand up to the CFAA and in doing so stand up for our friends and family; Aaron, Marty, Lauri, and many more that are and have been targeted under the CFAA and maniacal federal prosecutors looking for another proverbial notch in their political belt!

Our group here is working on every angle and aspect of the project that we can and others are coming forward all the time to help with offers and pledges to help the cause, many more have asked what they can do. This is a shout-out, a call to arms, all hands-on deck request for those people and the ones who want to help but don’t know how. In Aaron’s words “Assume nobody else has any idea what they’re doing, either.”

On a side note we all have been deeply touched by Aaron’s Mom Susan following @aaronslaw2017 on twitter and supporting what we are doing. I was giddy, more excited than if my favorite Hollywood actor would’ve followed and showed support! We are encouraged and passionate about the cause… won’t you all join us?

Fax, Call, and send Letters to your Representatives FREE! 

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