Net Neutrality may deal a fatal blow to Small Businesses

This story is about your run of the mill mom and pop shop of our time. Big business and warehouse stores have almost made it a thing of the past . Small business can’t keep overhead down enough to keep prices competitive with huge chain stores. Luckily this Mom and Pop are ahead of their time and supplement their income with online sales which greatly help their bottom line. But wait what’s this? The FCC wants to take down net neutrality… what will that mean for this small family business? What it could mean is that before now online, this small business had a chance – they could stand up and be noticed. They could reach more people, lower their inventory and over head as well as open opportunities for growth that far out reach their communities. Sounds good right? I love a good story about the underdog succeeding! But wait ..there’s more. Small family businesses are being pushed out of towns and cities to make room for big companies with large warehouses and bank accounts and now thanks to net neutrality being attacked and basically dismantled from the inside out small businesses are being pushed off the Internet too. We are taught about the “American Dream” that if we work hard and keep focused on a goal that we can own a home, a business and make a comfortable life for our families but as many people know that is beginning to be a thing of the past. Not only has Fannie and Freddie helped ruin the dream of owning a home for countless Americans but now it appears that the FCC will attack the American small business owner on the very same platform they had made their last stand, the Internet. I know what you may be thinking “Kel, it’s ok! Take off your tinfoil hat! Large ISP’s have come out in support of net neutrality, they are only misunderstood!” My response to this is: are you flippin kidding me? First off let’s be honest these corporations are going to say and do whatever they can to get more money in their pocket, they DO NOT care about the little guy or small businesses and they certainly don’t care about being honest with the public. “But Kel, isn’t this just a possibility? What makes you think the big evil companies would ACTUALLY do this sort of thing?” Well, we could start with History since it has proven to be quite the indicator in the past… in 2007 Verizon decided they would block text messages to their customers from Naral Pro-choice America due to their own moral stance. Whatever your stance on abortion rights you have to see the concern here. If companies we pay to give us access to the internet (companies that are already part of a monopoly which we here in America often only have one choice for high speed ISP’s in an area) are allowed to pick and choose the information that gets to the public that is censorship at its highest form. Keep the Internet neutral America. Small Mom and Pop businesses have been slowly but surely pushed out of “Main Street USA” please for the sake of what’s left of the American dream let’s not let them get pushed off of the Internet as well.

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