What’s Happening Now?

Hello everyone! Things here have been very busy for us and many things are happening to help raise awareness for Aaron’s Law. In roughly the last two months we have been invited to join The People’s Radio and My Non Objective opinion, Anon UK Radio and The View Up Here Global to help spread the word on this legislation and the need for it to be pushed and enacted. We would like to send out our heartfelt appreciation to all of those mentioned above for having us and promoting this cause that is so important to us all, if this law is to be passed this time around it will take us all working together to do it and this NEEDS to happen for everyone’s sake.

We also have Peaceful protests being planned for the month of September, sign up sheet for local coordinators is available HERE so far we have had many people speak up to coordinate in different cities internationally!

Though there seems to have been inactivity on Aaron’s Law in Congress as of yet our team and many others have been pushing and making our desire for CFAA reform known, please use resist bot to easily contact your representatives and let them know you support Aaron’s Law and CFAA reform: text resist to 50409 and you can send letters, faxes or calls for free. Be a pain in their ass guys! Make it known hat we are mad as hell and we aren’t gonna sit by quietly anymore while our friends and family is persecuted unjustly.

We would also like to make note that Aaron’s Family has expressed concern to us and they ask that all protests done in Aaron’s name be peaceful and legal. They do not want to see anyone else be targeted, harassed and/or arrested. This horrible outdated law known as the CFAA has hurt this community enough.

Thank you all for supporting this venture and for spreading awareness, this law effects us all.


UPDATE: Aaron’s Law protests (September 2017) have been postponed

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