What will your Legacy be?

NNToday I see many heroes fighting for internet freedom. Many people who want to stop the travesties that are happening to the web who do not wish to sit idly by and watch what has been built to help our lives, be torn down and replaced with an inferior version of itself by corporations and government that wishes to only silence the masses. The community is angry at the constant push to rob us of our freedoms online, the repetitive nudge by big brother to stop the sharing of information and to intrude on the privacy of citizens online has become overwhelming and invasive.

We are often asked what it is that someone can do to help the cause, we have replied to those people that we need to make some noise and that we all need to be contacting our Reps in D.C. and telling them what our views are on Internet freedom and privacy, to stand up, be vocal and make ourselves be counted! But now the time comes to “hit them where it hurts” and show people a small taste of what the internet will become if Net neutrality (title 2) is dismantled by the FCC and Internet service providers, On July 12th, 2017 there is an internet protest in which many internet sites will go dark in peaceful protest for Net Neutrality, we ask that you join them and us in hopes that our silence speaks volumes on 7/12.

In September, we again will call for your help as we take to the streets in protest of the computer fraud and abuse act  (CFAA) and the reintroduction of Aaron’s Law to reform the outdated draconian law that is taking many of our family and friends down, ruining lives and causing goodhearted activists to spend decades behind bars as well as facing extradition from their country to the United states to face ridiculous charges. If you would like to be a coordinator for a local protest in your area please sign up here

When we speak to our children and grandchildren about the internet will we say that we sat by and did nothing while we watched the Government and big corporations pick away at our friends and family, or will we be able to tell them that we stood in solidarity fighting shoulder to shoulder against them to preserve the internet not only for ourselves but for future generations? I know what my answer is. Whats yours? When it comes down to it it’s up to us… its Up To YOU!

So… Will you go dark online for the 7/12 online protest for ? It’s a small price to pay to help ? weigh in here 

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