Put your signature where your mouth is – It’s time.

For almost five months countless followers and supporters of Aaron’s Law have pledged their support and  help to make this law FINALLY happen, yet few people are signing the petition. We ask that you please share this link, sign the petition and help us all, including yourself, this law (The computer Fraud and abuse act) effects EVERYONE!

The amount of “noise” we make online is to raise awareness and gain supporters but at the end of the day we NEED one of these Congressmen/women to get on board and help us get the bill to a vote. So we need numbers!!

Post the link to your social media accounts.

Post it again!

Email to your contact lists.
Tell your friends and colleagues.

It is time to say under NO uncertain terms that it is time that our voices be counted in the group of Representatives that supposedly represent US!

So if you truly do support CFAA reform and Aaron’s Law please assist us in getting signatures for this petition





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