The newest victim in the CFAA’s war against activists.

This last week we have all had quite a wake-up call. In the past we have had friends and family, members of our community targeted and attacked by federal prosecutors wielding the CFAA (Computer fraud and abuse act) and it seems that after some time has passed people have a tendency to let memories fade and move on to a new subject, a new travesty our planet faces, a new cause.

I don’t know if this is because fighting something as big the decades old CFAA is such a daunting task or if its due to the attention from the establishment aimed at activists fighting this law. Whatever reason it is though, it’s time… far passed time in fact to stand up against this barbaric, draconian law that is ruining the lives of so many in our community and their families.

On August 2nd, 2017, Marcus Hutchins more commonly known in the tech community as Malwaretech , was arrested as he attempted to return home to the U.K. after a vacation in the United States where he attended DEFCon in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you haven’t heard of Marcus, I would venture to bet you don’t keep up on tech news. He was recently hailed a hero for stopping the Wannacry ransomware attack that paralyzed hundreds of thousands of computers internationally.

Many internet rumors are surfacing- which is actually no big surprise and to be fair the details including the identity of the redacted name on Marcus’ indictment, have not yet been publicly released, so much of what we know now is speculation and pieced together information but what we do know is this young man who has saved countless individuals from informational ruin, is being charged under the CFAA which as history has shown us is a way for prosecutors to silence those they would like silenced and take control of information they desire to possess.

This is a landmark case IMO taking a well respected and talented young person excelling in the Cyber security market sneakily and quietly between the time he had said goodbye to his friends in Las Vegas and the time his Mother waited for him at his destination to walk off a plane that unbeknownst to her he had never left American soil on. The United states has fought a monetarily and time consuming fight for extradition against one of our beloved community members Lauri Love, trying to have our brother taken from his country and have his fate placed in the vastly unfair and corrupt hands of the U.S. government. An action that Lauri, the United Kingdom and countless activists have fought and will continue to fight until Lauri’s future is no longer in jeopardy. My Opinion is that the U.S. government acted harshly and prematurely on the arrest of Marcus to take advantage of the opportunity while he was on American soil to avoid international and community outcry.  My curiosity is piqued at how the U.K. will take that calculated move by a government plagued with corruption, turmoil and left unbalanced to say the least

This law that is being used against activists, journalists, researchers, artists and now Cyber security professionals is a tool used by the U.S. government and prosecutors in which they can almost always find a reason to prosecute an individual due to the vague wording and vast reach the courts has allowed the CFAA to encompass.

This law was used to silence Aaron Swartz and countless other people fighting for the good of the world and now it has been used (and skewed) to prosecute a young man who has used his knowledge to save countless people from Cyber attacks. Once again we are taking those that should lead us into a better tomorrow and allowing the U.S. to target and jail them.

We ask that you protest this law, and support all the Aaron’s … the Marcus’… the Marty’s… because when it comes down to it, those people we speak of, that we wish to protect, the ones we are fighting for, are you and me.

Please sign our petition to reform the CFAA and finally enact the bipartisan bill Aaron’s Law. 

Do it for the young people.

Do it for the future.

Do it for you and me.

#AaronsLaw2017 petition

Thanks to you all for your support.


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