Aaron’s Law Marches Postponed

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Recently our core group has decided to postpone the marches for Aaron’s Law and the reform of the computer fraud and abuse act that were scheduled for September. Though the recent arrest of Marcus Hutchins and ongoing extradition fight of Lauri Love has clearly shown that the CFAA still must be fought, it must be reformed and we can NOT give up, the political climate in the United States is currently volatile and protests are at times getting out of hand. We have promised Aaron’s Mom that we will do our best to keep things peaceful to help prevent the loss of anyone’s safety or freedoms. We take this promise very seriously.

There is also a very valid concern that while our country is fighting racism and free speech; two very important issues that Aaron’s Law could be drowned out and we all agree that Aaron’s Law and CFAA reform deserves its day as well and we would all like to be able to give it the attention it deserves.

Please do not mistake our postponement of the protests to mean that we are stopping our fight.

We are here.

We are committed

and we are still mad as hell!

The government that wields the CFAA is still targeting our community. They are still spying on activists and they are still piling unnecessary charges onto menial or nonexistent crimes. Aaron’s Law needs to be implemented, the CFAA must be reformed and the terms of it clarified.

Currently we ask for you all to help us gain as many signatures as possible on the petition for Aaron’s law, this will not only help the cause but help raise awareness for future protests and hopefully encourage people to contact their representatives and tell them under no uncertain terms that the CFAA must be reformed and Aaron’s law enacted.

contact your reps for free!

Text resist to 50409

sign and share the petition


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