We’re back on track!

So we have had lots of drama lately and the motive behind it is still unclear. What IS CLEAR is that personal attacks have no place on this page, this account is to promote Aaron’s Law and that is what it will be used for. Anyone sporting the hashtag of the sec involved with attacking this page will be blocked if they haven’t been yet. No apologies!

This account is in memory of Aaron Swartz and in opposition of the Computer fraud and abuse act – if you want drama you are in the wrong place. We ask that all supporters respect this and refrain from tagging this account in useless and destructive threads.

Now moving along to the important business of Aaron’s Law… recently in  talks with a representative from EFF the security of our petition site had been brought up we have a new White-house petition that requires 100k signatures in a month so we ask that you post it EVERYWHERE and please sign it! This Law is to protect all of us… it is desperately needed and we will fight for it to be passed.

the new petition can be found here

Also the group has been working tirelessly to create a click to tweet sheet that goes to the members of the committee that has the power to bring Aaron’s Law to a vote in Congress. We need this to happen to get further support from large foundations that have pledged their commitment once this happens. You can find the tweet sheet here to help support Aaron’s Law and help bring this much needed legislation to a Congressional vote FINALLY!

To those who have shown support to this cause and to our crew we thank you. Without you we would have never gotten this far.

We ask that you keep in mind that there is good work being done here, unfortunately good work often brings trolls and haters that want to stop it. We will not fall into that trap. Thank you all again and please be good to each-other.



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