What’s Happening Now?

Hello everyone! Things here have been very busy for us and many things are happening to help raise awareness for Aaron's Law. In roughly the last two months we have been invited to join The People's Radio and My Non Objective opinion, Anon UK Radio and The View Up Here Global to help spread the... Continue Reading →

DDoS attack; a modern day sit-in?

We've heard recently during our discussions about the computer fraud and abuse act that a DDOS attack on a website is the modern day version of a sit-in. A peaceful protest to voice your opposition to a cause or law. At first glance that statement seems to be an over simplified theory, is that all... Continue Reading →

All hands on deck for #AaronsLaw2017

Recently things have been going very well for #AaronsLaw2017. We have been raising awareness and gaining lots of support. I have been informed that we have Marches being planned in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Portland and Sydney! This is wonderful! What amazing understanding of the cause this will bring! The Date and times are... Continue Reading →

Protests, Marches and Rallies   #WWAD ? 

Aaron Swartz lived a life of protest. He protested injustices in the world and despite the horrendous charges he faced under the CFAA at the hand of federal prosecutors his protests were nonviolent and nondestructive.  Rallies, protests and marches are being planned to support CFAA reform and Aaron's Law, this is a great way to... Continue Reading →

CFAA – a bad law that just won’t go away

I recently decided that the fact I hadn’t watched the movie WarGames (1983) that inspired the draconian (I’ll be honest I had to look up that word) Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was unacceptable for someone who is passionate about CFAA reform, so I legally purchased a digital copy (obviously) and watched it, fully expecting... Continue Reading →

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Do you know what foreign countries want to control? Do you know what military regimes use to spy, to oppress, and to attack both public and private institutions with? Do you know what law enforcement and intelligence agencies want to mine and monitor? It is called the World Wide Web. I am sure everyone here... Continue Reading →

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